Typical sensationalistic journalism

Once again the police made a press-release about checks of heavy trucks where they found technical faults on 25 percent of the trucks, so the truck owner were called to be checked again as the laws mandate every vehicle owner in Denmark to do periodically. None of our trucks were checked.

It is not news I call serious. It is empty news and I want to explain why.

During the summer there was a soccer event where tons of busses were checked. Half of them had errors, which resulted in re-check. Several of them had just passed the checks. Why can they not pass check in the streets when the police check them and then pass checks when the mandatory checks are conducted? Are the test-centers bribed? No, the explanation is simple.

Street conditions are different than the test conditions !!!

I do not know about ordinary cars, but before a Lorry or a bus are driven to checks, the driver makes some special test-breaks so the breaks are warmed up to test-conditions. Then the vehicle passes the check without problems. I think everybody knows that. It is generally accepted that it is how it has to be if we wants a transport industry in Denmark.

The fact is that transport in Europe is unfair against Danish firms. In Denmark you have to take a number of extra courses before you can drive a truck. You have to be trained if you transport certain goods which can be dangerous. Ask yourself if the level of education is the same in the Eastern Part of Europe. They are also memberstates in the European Union.

Working for a “foreign” firm – at least on paper, I know the standards across Europe and it is basically a miracle that there are any Danish firms left.

It is not a question about lifting the countries in the Eastern Part of Europe to our level. It is not possible and Mogens Camre – former and now deceased member of the European Parliament – explained why. It is a question about meeting them in the middle just as we did with education, pension-age and social security in Denmark where we basically have abolished aid for people in need during the last decades.

As result the Danish police needs to lower the standards of their checks realizing the trucks are constructed and maintained so they meet the mandatory test-conditions and not the road-conditions.

It is the only path available unless the police uses these press-releases to lobby for more funds which I suspect them to do. Regardless of that the press should be more critical of the police and not just copy their press-releases to articles.


A summer went by and I didn’t see it

Maybe it is because of the weather. But the fact is that the date says August and I feel like it should soon come. I have not been able to feel this holiday feeling you normally achieve when you rest from work over 3 weeks.

At work we were busy. I have been approached by a journalist who wants to know more about the transport business. But I smelt entrapment. The fact is that most Danes tend to close their eyes when it comes to realize how the goods they buy in shops or on the Internet gets delivered. The transport business is the only business where a firm can write off responsability when it comes to let a sub-contractor hire untrained people from the Eastern part of Europe and not pay them Danish salary.

If a Danish firm hire a firm to clean and this firm hires another firm which employs illegal workers or just do not pay their taxes, the firm who is in the top can be held responsible.

But not in the transport business so people are speaking with double standards when they ask the police and every other bullying authority to watch and punish our business. They could change the laws so our customers could be punished if we did something wrong and the business would change in a minute but the people in Denmark would start to suffer when the costs of transports would explode. Our business would properly be sold to some firm abroad and I would lose my job but then if it is that what people want, I just had to find another line of work.

I am not going to talk to anyone about our business. I work to preserve the few Danish jobs which are left in the Danish administration and we make money for our country. It is a risky business and people should appreciate what we are doing.

Over the summer I got a lot of mails. I do not know how I ended on some of the mailing list but I got some about a kind of American youth prison called Diamond Ranch Academy which is sold as a so-called therapeutic boarding school. A boarding school where they censor mails so you cannot mail and text friends and family is kind of crazy. Then to add to the top that two boys died and still they were allowed to continue is even more crazy.

Lately a family sued them because a therapist has made improper advances on their daugther. Somehow I feel that the girl should sue the parents because they decided single handed to lock the daughter up at a place where the girl was not able to call the police on the phone and alert them when it happened. Still, considerating the history of this so-called Diamond Ranch Academy, it should close down. No place where children are sent to, should be allowed to run unless each child can get unannounced visits from an external professional so dirty secrets cannot be kept within such a facility. No facility should be allowed to place their child at such a facility unless the social services or the courts approve in each single case.

Over the summer I ordered secure glass for the front window in my apartment. There was a shooting a street from my place. It was a part of the gang war. It is so bad right now that a number of embassies like the Italian and the one from United States started to warn tourists. It is not the first gang war and it will not be the last. The police use all their time protecting our borders against the threat of immigration from Africa when they are not targeting the transport business. It is very, very real threat with the immigration, I understand that. But it is not fun having to look over your shoulder to make sure that there are no gang-like dudes nearby you people would shoot at so you are hit and killed instead. Now I am safe in my apartment. Shopping and driving to work is however not fun.

I stream a lot of television and pay way too much to watch TV but that is what I use my free time on. I just got a new television which has 4K solution and I was watching the UK version of Celebrity Big Brother just because it has been raining too much for me to go outside. It was really a waste of time but getting wet is also a waste of time so I preferred the less evil. On this show they had this Jemma Lucy brat. I googled her and she actually looke beutiful in her teens. But what did her parents do? They sent her to a television show called Brat Camp where she was kind of tortured at a place called Turn-about Ranch. It was a really bad place. So bad that an 18 year old boy killed one of the guards last year.

This girl had a strong will back then and wanted to be a singer. After the ranch she waited it off until she was 18 and then she has used the time on various TV-shows while altering herself with tatoos and operations until she look nothing like the beutiful girl back then. Now she makes money on being known for nothing. So I am asking: Why did the parents not just continue to pay her what she wanted back then. Maybe she would have followed her original goal.

I had my own youth rebellion and my father was smart enough to let me live my life living with my cousin instead of dragging me off to the United States where I would have no friends partying and drinking with because it unlike was illegal to drink alcohol over there at the age I had back then. I have a job. I pay my bills. I did all that because I was allowed to act out like every other teenager. I understand that parenting can be hard, but it is really not that hard.

Well. It was a long rant about the summer I do not feel that I experienced. However the calender is not lying, so somehow it must have slipped by me. I hope I will be able to update my blog more frequently in the future.

The bizarre case regarding Conrad Roy III

15 months in prison for texting when a young man had burden this girl for months with all his mental problems seems to send the message that you really should avoid people suffering depression like symptoms.

If you don’t block them totally you can face criminal responsability. It is really the lesson learned from his suicide.

We cannot be doctors. We can not contact authorities all the times when people complain about life not worth living. If I did that, the hospitals here in Denmark would be full to the breaking point.

Because life in Denmark is as hard as it can get. No place on the entire world you find suffering like we have in Denmark. No early retirement for my age group, an insane high age of retirement, conscription in a time where all armies in the rest of the world are manned by professionals, cuts in student grants and every other grant my parents have financed by paying taxes all their lives.

So of course people I meet in the streets complain and many of express wishes about not wanting to live anymore. That is no reason for me to inform any authorities. In fact if I remain silent more people might not become part of the burden of the elderlies as the politicians talk about. I do not consider myself being suicidal but looking at sitting in a Danish retirement home where many are forced to use their diapers two times for number one (saving money for the state) is not something I look forward to.

So perhaps one day I will grill my last steak inhouse on a Charcoal grill. Future will tell.

I find that the verdict against Ms. Carter is wrong.

The judge created new legislation. This should have been a job for the state parliament, so she would have known to cut her electronic communication with Conrad the very first time he called her expressing a depressed mind.

I know it sounds cold but I am Dane. I pay taxes and fell cheated every single day so I have absolutely no surplus for people like Conray who phoned other people speaking about his worries.

Appeal the verdict and get it overturned. It would be fair.

Cold and dark

It is January. As always in Denmark that means that it is a cold and dark times.

The central government over in Copenhagen will increase the interest on debts to the state to 8 percent. I don’t know yet if I own some taxes. The system is complicated and ordinary people cannot understand the Danish tax system. So when I learn if I have debt to the State, they will already fine me the interest of an amount I don’t know anything about.

That is not fair.

I will pay what I own but I cannot pay anything they have not informed me about.

That is one of the reasons that Denmark is a hard place to live. People complain in other countries. I can understand that it is not funny that the central government in Syria bomb people. I am only saying as a Dane representing the most ordinary people in Denmark: Why did you then revolt? Why did you not just live your ordinary life as we Danes live it paying more than 50 percent of our income in taxes while we still cannot retire early. We don’t use weapon against our government eventhough they are very unfair.

I don’t get it. Why are you not settled with being bitter just like us?

Looking back on 2016

Well. Last year when I wrote what I was thinking on, I considered moving to a new line of business.

Nothing happened.

Day after day followed doing the same thing as yesterday. Suddenly the year had gone.

I don’t think much of 2017. Denmark is at a rough spot right now with a lot of people coming abroad who have put a burden on our society without ever getting something in return for our hospitality.

Thanks to the migrants it is almost impossible to find people in our shops and supermarket who are paid full salary. It is almost everyone people in job-training. Migrants or simply people who have worked there normal before and were fired only to be re-hired in job-training. Why the trade unions allow this to happen, I simply don’t know.

People who have children who are ill from mental illnesses have to pay a lot for special education and simple treatment of their children. One municipality – Egedal – on Sealand is especially hard on families. I happened know a former classmate from trade school who moved there. They cannot afford the simplest things like dentist for the parents teeth.

And of course the new limit on welfare has put many on the streets where they join about 6,000 Danes who are forced to sleep on the streets every night.

Denmark is really one of the toughest places on the Earth to live. No population suffers like we do while paying 50 percent of our income in taxes.

Higher retirement on the top of it.

No. I am not looking toward 2017 with happiness.

It is a cold time

Well. I have a bandage on. I fell on the sidewalk when I was going to work. Now I have some days off. Not than I can complain. Christmas is soon here and I dont have to worry shopping because my girlfriend is doing it.

When I fell it took me 20 minutes to get peoples attention. They believed that I was drunk or one of the homeless people who pollute our streets. People dont want to help because several times people are robbed when they try to help. Then another person suddenly appear and the helpless person on the sidewalk was not helpless at all but participant in a robbery.

It was cold lying there – very cold.

Police checks are damaging our business

One of our trucks were stopped again. It was something with the breaks and the driver was of course drunk. Now we have to transfer the truck to another company so we can get new licenseplates and of course it has to be repainted. Still it is cheaper than providing the truck with the short service gaps the manufactorer suggest. We have to cut costs at something. As for the driver – no worries – he can go back to Romania and we find a cheap and hopefully sober driver this time. Just a hope. I cannot be sure because they are almost everyone people who have no job-chance in Romania. They are cheap and they are not good at their job but they are cheap.

Some kind of blind man have provided them with the drivers license. I would like to meet him one day.

Well a lot of work shortly before Christmas. I dont like it but it comes with the territory when you are in the transport business in Europe.