Cold and dark

It is January. As always in Denmark that means that it is a cold and dark times.

The central government over in Copenhagen will increase the interest on debts to the state to 8 percent. I don’t know yet if I own some taxes. The system is complicated and ordinary people cannot understand the Danish tax system. So when I learn if I have debt to the State, they will already fine me the interest of an amount I don’t know anything about.

That is not fair.

I will pay what I own but I cannot pay anything they have not informed me about.

That is one of the reasons that Denmark is a hard place to live. People complain in other countries. I can understand that it is not funny that the central government in Syria bomb people. I am only saying as a Dane representing the most ordinary people in Denmark: Why did you then revolt? Why did you not just live your ordinary life as we Danes live it paying more than 50 percent of our income in taxes while we still cannot retire early. We don’t use weapon against our government eventhough they are very unfair.

I don’t get it. Why are you not settled with being bitter just like us?

Looking back on 2016

Well. Last year when I wrote what I was thinking on, I considered moving to a new line of business.

Nothing happened.

Day after day followed doing the same thing as yesterday. Suddenly the year had gone.

I don’t think much of 2017. Denmark is at a rough spot right now with a lot of people coming abroad who have put a burden on our society without ever getting something in return for our hospitality.

Thanks to the migrants it is almost impossible to find people in our shops and supermarket who are paid full salary. It is almost everyone people in job-training. Migrants or simply people who have worked there normal before and were fired only to be re-hired in job-training. Why the trade unions allow this to happen, I simply don’t know.

People who have children who are ill from mental illnesses have to pay a lot for special education and simple treatment of their children. One municipality – Egedal – on Sealand is especially hard on families. I happened know a former classmate from trade school who moved there. They cannot afford the simplest things like dentist for the parents teeth.

And of course the new limit on welfare has put many on the streets where they join about 6,000 Danes who are forced to sleep on the streets every night.

Denmark is really one of the toughest places on the Earth to live. No population suffers like we do while paying 50 percent of our income in taxes.

Higher retirement on the top of it.

No. I am not looking toward 2017 with happiness.

It is a cold time

Well. I have a bandage on. I fell on the sidewalk when I was going to work. Now I have some days off. Not than I can complain. Christmas is soon here and I dont have to worry shopping because my girlfriend is doing it.

When I fell it took me 20 minutes to get peoples attention. They believed that I was drunk or one of the homeless people who pollute our streets. People dont want to help because several times people are robbed when they try to help. Then another person suddenly appear and the helpless person on the sidewalk was not helpless at all but participant in a robbery.

It was cold lying there – very cold.

Police checks are damaging our business

One of our trucks were stopped again. It was something with the breaks and the driver was of course drunk. Now we have to transfer the truck to another company so we can get new licenseplates and of course it has to be repainted. Still it is cheaper than providing the truck with the short service gaps the manufactorer suggest. We have to cut costs at something. As for the driver – no worries – he can go back to Romania and we find a cheap and hopefully sober driver this time. Just a hope. I cannot be sure because they are almost everyone people who have no job-chance in Romania. They are cheap and they are not good at their job but they are cheap.

Some kind of blind man have provided them with the drivers license. I would like to meet him one day.

Well a lot of work shortly before Christmas. I dont like it but it comes with the territory when you are in the transport business in Europe.

Recycling means risk of increased crime in Denmark

The mayor of Copenhagen – Frank Jensen – has asked the government to introduce new legislation which will ban payment of cash to collectors of used bottles and cans. In the future the customers must buy for the total amount they bring into the shops when they recycle.

The reason for this drastic move is that Denmark has been invaded by numerous people from countries in the eastern part of Europe. People who can exist living of a bit of crime and collecting bottles and cans while they try evading the police.

So the result has been that parks and other vacant areas are occupied with these people who camp in tents while they wait for their shoot at becoming rich which is staking out Danish homes waiting for them to be empty or simply standing next to pensioners while they shop so they can lure the codes used in connection with credit cards.

So Denmark will use the scorched earth tactic to starve the unwanted so-called tourists out. Without the financing from their collection of recycling material they will leave sooner or simply die from exposure from the cold unless they are arrested fast because they are forced to take action to avoid dying from the tough conditions of a Danish winter.

Whatever happens I support it. They are a burden to the Danish taxpayers. They represent everything Danes think of when they think of the people in the eastern part of Europe. Maybe there are some nice people over there. I have seen some when I traveled there to find new drivers for our trucks but the one they sent to Denmark has really destroyed the reputation of their countries. I don’t understand why their governments allow them to tarnish the reputation of entire nations. It is what they do when they allow them to come to Denmark.

Of course a new legislation is not without problems. In Denmark the recent 10 years have shown that it matters more who your parents are compared with how skilled you are in school. Good grades dont secure you longer education. Only rich parents do. Every study show that the graduates and students come from families where the previous generations also were focused academically. The Danish student grant system is transformed to a loan based system. Considering that more than 30 percent of the candidates end up unemployed combined with huge student debt, education in Denmark is only something to consider if you parents can finance your education.

So people on welfare checks in Denmark also live of collecting bottles and cans. The 6,000 Danes who sleep in shelters or in the streets also live of this. How can we secure their future?

Do we have to accept that they die?

It would not be the first time that Danes have to endure 5 dark years. It happened during the Second World War. It happened under prime minister Anker Joergensen. Maybe it is just something we have to accept once in a while even when it is a tragedy for those who become victim.

What do you think?


Police abuse in Denmark – yes

Normally you think about black dudes being gunned down when we are talking about police violence. In Denmark it takes a lot more quiet nature. In Denmark police often ruin ordinary people by crippling them financially

One of these stories you can read on a website of a longtime respected business man who left the business world after having been victim of a certain police Willy Eliasen. As a small time assistent in the police he built an entire career on a pointless case against the business which ended in nothing without it having any inpact on his career. Then he introduced himself in politics. First we was mayor in Stenlose near Copenhagen which was a bitter period where he clashed with people in the town council. Then he lost the election to members of his own party. He used his connection in the party to get the Mayor and followers expelled so he could take over as new mayor in the merged township Egedal. A post he resides in to this very day.

But none seem to career about the way he built his career, which is sad.

You can read more about this on this website: 20.kapitel –

Unfortunately it is in Danish only.

Happy about the British exit – but can we be allowed to join?

Being a Danish citizen I envy the result they achieved in the United Kingdom. Despite being working in a business which deals internationally I would rather have my country become isolated even if it should cost me my job. I don’t think that the world outside has a lot to offer.

If we could get border control on a permanent basis and tougher rules on transporting goods internally in Denmark by Danish drivers we could have a better world.

I feel that the European Union needs a “Quiet. The adults are speaking rule”. All these countries in the Eastern part of Europe may be good members fro the European Union but quiet countries while we adult countries who won the cold war speak.

It is the basic problem. A lot of none-good do’ers have too much to say when we know that the money comes from Germany or the United Kingdom. They forgot that it was them who lost the cold war. They could show a little gratitude being allowed among adult countries like Denmark, Germany, France etc. which were the old memberstates.

It isn’t so. I hope that we in Denmark will be given the same chance as the Brits to vote us out.